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Size Chart

There are many sizes of rawhide lampshades, and often more than one will work on the same lamp. Below you'll find the measurements to our shades plus the suggested uses for each size. Shades sizes are pretty common. If you're not sure how the shade will look, chances are you may already have a common shade in the same size or close you can try from another lamp.  


BSL = Bedside Table Lampshade: Smaller shade usually used on small end table lamps.
BL = Bed Lampshade: For medium to small accent lamps. Looks better with wider based lamps.
TL = This is the most common lampshade size for most basic table lamps.
FL = This is the most common lampshade size for most basic floor lamps.
XL = Better for wider table lamps in the 30" high range.* 
*Double check your measurements with these shades. They can easily look too big for the lamp.


BRL13 = 13" barrels are suitable for most table lamps. The 13" gives you a slight taller, more slender appearance.

BSL: 6.75"H x 9"W (4"W Top)  Typically for small bedside lamps
BL: 9"H x 15"W (5"W Top)  Typically for medium bedside lamps
TL: 10"H x 20"W (6"W Top)  Typically for table lamps
FL: 12"H x 20"W (6"W Top)  Typically for floor lamps
XL: 12"H x 23"W (6"W Top)  Typically for large table lamps

BRL13: 7"H x 13"W (11"W Top)  Typically for taller table lamps