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Lampshade Care

With the design and construction, you'll get years of enjoyment out of our rawhide lampshades. These shades are however a natural product and require a little attention from time to time. A little maintenance will greatly extend the already long life of your shade. The processes that go into the modern rawhide shade are different from older traditional shades. Now...just a small amount of conditioning keeps them as good as new. The biggest concern of a rawhide shade is dryness and sun. With any natural product, you can't avoid deterioration if put in these extremes. In most climates, a yearly conditioning will do fine for most any rawhide shade. If you're in a more extreme climate that requires much air-conditioning and/or heating we may suggest up to a monthly conditioning. Avoid placing the shade under heating and air conditioning vents. As for the sun, no amount of conditioning will keep it from fading so you may want to avoid placing a darker shade in front of a bright window. With these simple steps, you'll be sure to enjoy your rawhide shade for many, many years!


To help you keep your shade looking it's best we offer our lampshade conditioning oil. Use this once a year for normal climates while a monthly conditioning may be required for more extreme or dry climates.
Directions for use: 
  • Wipe the lampshade down with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Dampen another soft cloth with a little lampshade conditioning oil being careful not to use too much.
  • With light pressure, wipe the lampshade with the conditioning oil.
  • Leave the shade for 30-60 minutes.
  • Lightly wipe the shade with a dry cloth to remove any excess conditioning oil.

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